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About Molli Barnes and MB Edits


Molli has been in the customer service business since 1997, when she graduated from college and joined the IT industry. During her many years working for and managing IT help desks, she’s learned that even more important than making a customer’s computer work is making the customer happy.

In 2014, Molli launched MB Edits so she can combine what she’s learned regarding great customer service with her true loves: reading, writing, and editing fiction.

Molli fell into fiction editing in 2009. She’s edited a little bit of everything—sentient alien entities to endangered underwater civilizations, high school romances to tattoo artists in love—but nothing stirs up her editorial juices more than the editing she’s done on works with LGBT themes. As a hobby novelist, she’s discovered a love for writing M/M mysteries and romances, and she believes a copyeditor who edits her favorite kind of book can best help an author deliver an excellent product.

Authors who hire MB Edits like the personalized service that focuses on both them and their customers: their readers. There’s nothing more satisfying than turning the last page of an amazing book, and your readers will experience that satisfaction, leaving them anxiously awaiting whatever you write next. Here Molli briefly explains what reader-focused editing means to her.

Self-publishing is stressful on the best days, and MB Edits’ authors have one less thing to worry about—they can be confident they’ve produced the best-written story they can.

Molli offers copyediting from light to heavy, is happy to work on stories short or long, new or tenth editions, and also offers Americanizing services for foreign English speakers who worry their Texan cowboys are speaking with a British accent. Spend a few minutes looking over Molli’s detailed list of services to see what best fits your needs.

To receive an obligation-free sample edit and quote for your project, fill out the Request a Sample Edit form. If you’re undecided about what you need and would like some help from Molli deciding what services are perfect for you and your story, fill out the Contact form.

To connect with Molli, follow her on Twitter or visit the Contact page.